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Aerators relieve soil compaction without damaging the grass you already have and prevent rain runoff on your paddocks. Aeration involves perforating the soil with slots to allow water, air, and nutrients to penetrate down to the grassroots.

New science has shown that aeration is vital to soil health. Aeration supports the living layer of your soil by creating channels for air and water to feed the aerobic bacteria that live below the surface of the soil. Through aeration, the air is allowed to penetrate the first 100 cm of the soil to support aerobic bacteria growth. Aerobic microbes need air to properly stabilize soil PH and convert organic matter to plant-available nutrients. This microbial activity has been found to increase the water of the soil holding capacity.

Channel and cracks in the soil profile allow rain and irrigation to be easily absorbed by your soil where it's needed instead of running off into the creek. Aeration breaks surface crust and creates deep channels and cracks that drastically increase your soil's ability to absorb moisture. This process helps develop vigorous deep root systems helping your plants become more drought resistant. Deep-rooted plants also have a far greater uptake of minerals and trace elements, ultimately resulting in healthier livestock.

As we all know The best day to plant a tree is... 30 years ago. The second best day is today. It's the same for aeration.

The benefits of aeration are compounded treatment after treatment. we suggest using your Aervator the day it arrives. no matter what time of year that is providing your soil is not waterlogged.

Often we find that annual or biannual use gives the best results though this depends on your soil.

Aussie farmers also use aeration to greatly increase the availability of fertilizer to your plant's root zone by creating a path for the fertilizer to penetrate deep into the soil.

The rotating tine has a very clean action designed to aerate by opening and shattering the topsoil with minimal damage to existing plants, This action is vertical tillage AKA VerTill.

The Design of the Aervator's tines allows them to twist as they pass through the soil this is intentional. Through this motion, the Aervator is able to shatter the soil, greatly reduce compaction and create pathways for air water, and nutrients to enter your plants' root zone.

For best results the Aervator requires two factors:

WEIGHT. Weight is built into our heavy-duty, over-spec Australian steel frames. If you find your tines are not fully penetrating the soil you have a compaction issue but don't worry we have you covered, just add our optional concrete blocks and those tines will dig into even the most compact paddocks in as little as two passes.
SPEED. The Aervator ideally needs to travel at 7 - 10 kph for the tines to achieve the shattering effect.

Proudly manufactured in Australia. The GH series of Aervator are the workhorse of the Aervator range.
AUSTRALIAS #1 AERATOR - Aeration, Renovation, Cultivation, Oversowing & Compaction Relief.

Heavy duty over spec steel frames made of Australian steel.
Hot dipped galv finish
Large rotor bearings
multi-gang system
aeration and cultivation settings
Gang adjusting spanner supplied
Galvanised frame
Cat 1-2 pick up
Rear tow hitch
Heavy wall 100mm RHS frame

available configurations
3PL or trailing
fixed or folding frame
2.0 to 12-meter working width
see page *** for a list of options

Size: 3000mm
Cultivation Width: 2750mm
No. Tines Per Rotor: 3 or 4
Rotors Per Gang: 8
No. Gangs: 2
Mounting: Linkage
Approx Weight: 900
Min HP Req: 85
Larger & Smaller models available: 2.0m, 2.4m, 4.0m, 5.0m, and single gang models.
Aervator System Options
To provide an easy and cost-effective oversowing solution we recommend the IE-100 or Svario 12 volt spreader in conjunction with Hacket Harrows.
The 12-volt spreader can be easily mounted to the Aervator and the Hacket Harrows are attached to the sturdy rear tow hitch to provide a one pass pasture renovation system
We can deliver this machine Australia-wide, just ask us for a delivered price.
Prefer to buy this machine through your local dealer? You can do that too, just ask!
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Title2021 AERVATOR GH3004 (3.0M)
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