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Hay Tools / Round Balers

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Price AUD $313,500 (Inc. GST)
Listing Type New
Stock Number S601
Refcode TA887635
Bale Width - mm 1,150
Bale Maximum Diameter - mm 1,150
Minimum Tractor PTO - kw 30

Fully electric / 3 phase baler wrapper combination. RRP $315,000 + GST, Introductory Special $285,000 + GST.

Having a working potential with many different materials. The Hisarlar silage bale packing machine can pack garbage, paper, sawdust, vegetables, fruit, sugar cane waste, hay and many other agricultural products.


  • It's durable structure has high mobility with a weight of 8,100kg
  • PLC control uses 30 kW of electricity and 20% less stretch thanks to the fully automatic system. Compress and wrap the product before bonding.
  • It is easy to use with the touch hand control. It saves electricity and time.
  • It makes an average of 50 bales per hour.
  • It meets the needs of large-scale operators.


CORN: Corn silage is obtained after the mincing of all the components of the corn plant and nowadays it is the most commonly used feed for bovine animals.

FRUIT PULP: It is possible to make fruit wastes / pulps from fruit factories suitable for stocking and re-use.

SUGAR BEET: Sugar beet is among the preferred silage feeds because of it's high energy, easy digestibility and taste. It is used for nitrogen stabilization and protein balancing in grass silage.

ALFALFA: High energy silage feed obtained from alfalfa plant make possible to feed calves and ruminants with good quality feed.

WOOD DUST: It provides the possibility to bale wood chips and sawdust product. This product is very suitable for packaging.

WASTE GARBAGE: It provides favorable conditions for transportation and storage by reducing the volume of pre-treated soft garbage waste at recycling.


Energy Supply: Electricity (380V)
Total Power Consumption (kW): 30
Energy Requirement (kWh/Bale): 2.58
Generator (kW): 30
Engine Power of The Bale Chamber (kW): 18.5

Hourly (Bale/Hour): 50 Bales
Daily (Bale/Day): 500 Bales
Capacity Of Hopper: 7.5m3

PLC: Fully automatic
Touch Screen: Standard

Height: 1200mm
Diameter: 1150mm
Weight: 850-1200kg
Varies depending on the humidity of the product.

Stretch Film: 500mm and 750mm
Net: 1200 mm and 1250 mm,also, Stretch Film can be used in the same size as a net


The Endless Belt

Length (Transport Position): 750 cm
Length (Working Position): 1068 cm
Width (Transport Position): 250 cm
Width (Working Position): 260 cm
Height (Transport Position): 395 cm
Height (Transport Position): 360 cm
Number Of Axles: Single Light Structure
Vehicle Connection: Draw From Single Point
Weight: 8100 kg

Double winding arm, Net winding unit, Work position chassis fixing rods, Automatic film cutting system, Single light structure axle, Led lighting system and Telescopic drawbar.

We can deliver this machine Australia wide, just ask us for a delivered price.

FarmTech represent Hisarlar (Turkey) as their national distributor in Australia should you prefer to buy this machine through your local dealer, you can do that too, just ask!

Contact FarmTech today for sales or more information..

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FEATURES * Superior controller * 3-tine rotor * Cutter * Individual protection on knives * Hydraulically lowered knives * Hydraulically lowered plate under the rotor * Net binder * Additional box for the net * Roller chamber model MASTER D * Chain and roller chamber model MASTER V * 5-point adjustable compacting level * Mechanical tailgate lock * 5-row pick-up * Rubber-tired ground-following wheels * Swath compression plate w. ground-following roller * Reverse * Central point of bearing lubrication * Auto lube system for drive chains * PTO shaft (6×6, 830 Nm) with overload coupling (M=2400 Nm), wide angle * Wheels 400/6015.5 * Two 750 mm film feeders with auto tension adjustment * Bale unloader * Four film racks OPTIONAL EXTRAS * Applicator of ensilage fluids * Surcharge for wheels size 480/45-17 * Surcharge for front steerable ground following wheels * Surcharge for wide-angle PTO shaft (6x6, 830Nm) with automaatic clutch (M=1900Nm) * Hydraulic brake * Camera w. display * Resignation from controller Superior (monitor) * Automatic bearing lubrication Specifications - UNIA Master V Type: Chain & roller Bale dia. [m]: 1,2 Pick-up width [m]: 2,1 No. of pick-up tine rows [pc.]: 5 No. of pick-up tines [pc.]: 160 No. of profiled rollers [pc.]: 8 No. of knives [pc.]: 14 PTO speed [RPM] : 540 Power demand on PTO [HP]: From 110 Film feeder: 2× 750 mm Length / Width / Height [m]: 6,1 / 2,8 / 2,8 Weight [kg]: 3950 Operational Video: We can deliver this machine Australia wide, just ask us for a delivered price. FarmTech represent UNIA (Poland) as their national distributor in Australia should you prefer to buy this machine through your local dealer, you can do that too, just ask! Contact FarmTech today for sales or more information

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Orkel round balers are developed and manufactured in Norway. The balers are constructed for the roughest and most demanding conditions in baling. A number of baler properties provide important advantages. More forage -in less bales, is increasing the forage quality and reducing wrapping cost. Bushings on rollers have 5 years warranty. Guarantee on bushings, 50.000 bales, up to 5 years. Automatic greasing of bearings and chains -standard. A 12 volt electrical greasing pump is greasing the bushings. Chains are automatically greased by oil from a separate pump each time the chamber is opened. Efficient pick-up and chopping device. 20 knives are made of Chrome-vanadium steel. Infeeders are 10 mm heavy duty Hard ox wearing metal. Knives are spring tensioned and lower automatically when overloaded. Pick-up has a big diameter and 5 bars of tines, which optimizes capacity. Guide way for bars in pick-up is greasable. Compacting roller and slip-clutch of pick-up drive is standard. Net tying system Net tying may be started manually or automatically. Orkel balers are fit for net rollers of width up to 130 cm and a roll diameter of 30 cm. You may use netting going over the edge of the bale, if needed. There is space for a backup roll of 3600 m in the net box, easy to access.

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  • Wrapper Type: Satellite
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Save $$$ on plastic with a TubeLine Wrapper. Pre-season orders on now. 3 years warranty with excellent parts accessibility and local dealer support! The oversized hoop not only allows you to wrap larger bales, but also allows 3'x4'x6' bales to be wrapped stacked two high. This not only reduces time and labour but also decreases operating and wrap costs increasing profitability. Twin Wrap Kit Tubeline's Twin Wrap Kit holds two rolls of film and passes them through a single stretcher. This activates the wraps' bonding compound to form a strong 2-Ply layer of film that stands up to tough hay stalks and folds them over helping to prevent piercing of the wrap. By combining two sets of two rolls for a total of four, Tubeline's twin wrap kit provides all the same protection as four separate stretchers with the additional benefit of producing a more durable bonded 2-Ply film that stands up better than four single ply layers. Film Snap - Patent Pending Standard on all inline Balewrapper models, Tubelines Film Snap easily cuts wrap with a single action. Press and hold the Film Snap plunger located beside the operators panel until both the tensioners pass, triggering the cutting action. The Film Snap bar snaps into action safely cutting the wrap without stopping the cycle. 3 Year Warranty Inline wrappers carry a 3 Year Limited Warranty. For more information please contact Tubeline Manufacturing. ECV Exclusive Features Soft Start Bale Counter (Lifetime) Bale Counter (Resettable) Bale Presets Large Easy to Read Display Remote Engine Start Self-Diagnostics Single Joystick Control to drive/steer Other Standard Features Main Control Panel Wired for Field Installed Options Safety Shut Off Switch on Guards Safety Shut Off Switch on Panel Retractable Tongue Folding Tongue 20HP Honda Engine with High Flow Pump Low Oil Alert on Engine Spark Arrestor on Engine Hydraulic Manifold Hydraulic Steering Temperature Gauge on Hydraulic Tank 25L / 6.6 USG Fuel Tank with Fuel Pump Limit Switches Adjustable Stroke Length on Charge Table Round to Square Bale Wrapper Conversion Roller Bed Locking Lever Electric over Hydraulic Controls Fully Automatic Cycling Automatically Idles Down When Cycle Completed Drive Wheel 30" Pre-Tensioners Wrap Carrier Lock Pin (Hoop) Roller Wheels Push Ram Push Ram Cylinders Cross Tube Unloading (to push off last bale) Patented King Pins with Tapered Bearings Cam Brakes Road Lights Remote Steering and Shutdown Kit (std. on 6500) Remote Engine Start (std. on 6500) 20HP Honda Engine Kit c/w High Flow Pump (Std. on 6500) Specifications - TLR 6500 AX2 Overall Length: 26'6" Width: 10'8" Height: 10'7" Weight: 3182 kg Power: 20Hp Honda with High Flow Pump Electric Start: Standard Alternator: 18 Amp Controls: Electric over hydraulic Tires: (4) 12.5 x 15 Highway Service Tires With Power Drive: N/A Quick Start Leveling: N/A Brakes (Compactor): Adjustable Cam Action Steering: Electric Over Hydraulic Emergency Stop: E Stop Button Hydraulic Tail Gate: N/A Fixed Transport Lights: Standard Bale Specifications Round: Up to 6' Square (Single): 4' x 4' x 6' and 3' x 3' x 7' Square (Double Stacked): 3' x 4' x 6' Film Stretcher: (2) 30" x 55% Bale Alignment: Adjustable Bale Guides Bale Guide Rollers: Optional Hoop Speed: Adj. Flow Control Valve Cycle Times Specifcations 5' Round (66" Cycle Length): 29 sec 4' Round (54" Cycle Length): 23 sec We can deliver this machine Australia wide, just ask us for a delivered price. FarmTech represent Tubeline (Canada) as their national distributor in Australia should you prefer to buy this machine through your local dealer, you can do that too, just ask! Contact FarmTech today for sales or more information.

  • Wodonga, VIC
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